1 Way To Totally Remove The Root
Cause Of Fibroid In 2 Months Or Less

If you are reading this, then you must be
experiencing one of the following;

heavy bleeding between or during periods which causes blood clots.

pains in your pelvis or lower back.

increased menstrual cramps.

increased urination.

menstruation that lasts longer than usual.

pain during intercourse.

pressure or fullness in your lower abdomen.

swellings or enlargement of the abdomen.

Alongside these symptoms, I know you are tired of seeing this huge swelling in your abdomen, and you are also scared of unsuccessful surgery(operation) that does not tackle the root cause of this issue and has 90% chance of resulting to other life threatening complications like unending bleeding, internal and external wound infection, lungs problem amidst several. Do you have to be scared? NO!!  You just have to read this to the end.

In the next five minutes, I am going to be showing you How to permanently treat this terrible disease.

Before we go deeply in this permanent treatment, it is important we understand what causes this terrible disease, so you can know how to go about this permanent treatment in order to avoid any future occurrence.

Facts about Fibroid 

It is possible you have more than one fibroid swelling in your abdomen.

No amount of operation will permanently treat fibroid. in fact, it leaves your life more complicated than it was.

If you have gone through surgery before as regards fibroid, you have 80% chance of developing it again(because the ROOT CAUSE has not been treated) as long as you are still bearing children.

75% of women within the child bearing age are diagnosed of fibroid, only 5% of this 75% gets rid of fibroid permanently while the rest keeps spending fortunes on this terrible disease without finding cure and also risking their lives to the complications that accompanies each operation.

Take A Look At This Picture Below!

A pictorial representation of your lower abdomen where the fibroid is acting on.

The diagram above is a pictorial representation of the lower part of your abdomen. From the diagram, you can see your fallopian tube and other parts of your reproductive area. Alongside this, you can see your womb being shrank together by fibroid developing in four different part of your womb and on the wall of your uterus. Now, the question is how would the womb hold baby with the ever-increasing growth of these fibroid?

That aside, let us assume you settle for surgery, that means four different part of your womb will be cut. Aside the fact that for every incision in your womb, the capacity of your womb to hold baby reduces (now imagine four different cuts), it does not mean fibroid will not grow again. of a truth, if you have an history of fibroid, you have 80% chance of developing it again.

What Causes Fibroid?

There is no other cause of fibroid than high estrogen level and low progesterone level, simple.

Now, the question is what is estrogen and progesterone?

Estrogen and progesterone are sex hormones that are present in woman, they stay at normal level prior to child bearing stage in woman, but tends to be unbalanced during menstrual periods. High levels of estrogen can lead to weight gain, particularly around the hips and waist. Excess estrogen can also cause menstrual problems, such as:

irregular periods.

light spotting.

heavy bleeding.

more severe symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, or PMS.

Females with high estrogen can experience other symptoms, including:


cold hands and feet

difficulty sleeping


hair loss


low sex drive

mood changes, depression, or anxiety

problems with memory

swollen or tender breasts

noncancerous breast lumps.

At this point it has not triggered fibroid because you are not pregnant yet and you still see your monthly period, but the above symptoms are indications to fibroid.
Fibroid start developing the moment you get pregnant and you stop seeing your monthly cycle. At this point, the blood that should flow out from your private part on a monthly basis is been fed to the fibroid tumor for growth. If you are the type that experienced heavy flow before getting pregnant, your fibroid will grow fast and huge.

Note: The only way to totally treat Fibroid is to treat the Root-Cause (Estrogen)

Enough said, let us get into the real things

How I Totally Treated Fibroid in 67 Days

A Must Read!!

My name is patricia, a mother of 2, and a survivor of fibroid. 2013 to be specific, I got diagnosed of fibroid after experiencing series of aforementioned symptoms (pains, miscarriage and all sort of), I used my faith and prayed, hoping what the doctor said was a lie, but it became glaring when my womb could not hold pregnancy anymore and my stomach kept increasing.

At this time, I went for surgery, and incision was done on me in 3 parts of my lower abdomen. after 6 months the cuts healed up, I thought  I have fought and won this terrible disease, but guess what, it showed up again after I tried to get pregnant

At this point, I was already tired and scared of another incision. I decided to seek other means of treating this disease. after several months and time spent looking for treatment, I found NOTHING!!

few weeks after i gave up my quest, i met mrs bunmi at a church program, she introduced me to the natural treatment she used to shrink the fibroid tumor before she could give birth. i went for check up afterwards, and I was told the size of the tumor was reducing,

In exactly 63 days of using this natural treatment, I went for another check up, and I was told the fibroid has melted away. it was unbelievable, so I continued using it for another one month to be sure the doctor was right, it has been 5 years now, and I have not had any symptoms of fibroid.

Your next question should be, what is this treatment?

Before you start using this treatment i am about to show you, it is necessary you go for scan to know the number of fibroid and the size, and after 2 mount of usage, go back to make another scan. by this time, you will be shouting for joy because the fibroid would have melted and shrank, thereby reducing the size and the number.

As promising as this seems, I do not want you to take my words for it, read what people are saying

Mrs. Joy

By the end of the sixth week, a bright Monday morning, all the pain and the terrible swelling sensation just ran out. Immediately I went to perform another ultrasound and guess what?

The fibroid was gone. Was so happy! Thanks to your advice, now I know how to prevent any future formation of fibroids and the set of symptoms that accompany them, including profuse bleeding and heavy menstruation.

Thank you so much for everything.​

Mrs. Tawa

Between 2014 and 2018, I have have 3 different surgery on fibroid, because it kept coming back, I was 34 as of this time, and fibroid would not let me have another baby after the first one. the pains would not stop either,

I suffered lots of complications till I was introduced to this treatment, and within 2 months, the 3 fibroid melted.

I am currently pregnant of my 3rd child now.

Mrs. Benson

Before I go into details about what this total and natural fibroid treatment is, let us take a look at the conventional ways of treating fibroid and the effect these methods have on your health.

Hysterectomy: Hysterectomies involve the surgical removal of the entire uterus(womb). (causing total inability to give birth)

Conservative surgical therapy: Conservative surgical therapy uses a procedure called a myomectomy. With this approach, physicians will remove the fibroids, but leave the uterus intact to enable a future pregnancy. This has its complications too. (leaving you with 50% chance of giving birth again, and 90% chance of developing another fibroid if you try to get pregnant again)

Uterine artery embolization: Also called uterine fibroid embolization, uterine artery embolization (UAE) is a newer minimally-invasive (without a large abdominal incision) technique. The arteries supplying blood to the fibroids are identified, then embolized (blocked off). The embolization cuts off the blood supply to the fibroids, thus shrinking them. Health care providers continue to evaluate the long-term implications of this procedure on fertility and regrowth of the fibroid tissue. (also 50% chance that it will not work out, also leaving you with internal wounds that may never heal up)

Anti-inflammatory painkillers: This type of drug is often effective for women who experience occasional pelvic pain or discomfort. these medications silently kills other vital organs like (liver and kidney) in the body as a result of their side effects.

*** If you have the chance to chose between the above options and a natural way people have been going through to get rid of their fibroid and eliminating any means of future occurrence, which would you chose? 

It is important you understand this is not for everybody,

At this point, you have 2 options:
1) Close this page right away and go back to your drugs that never works or operation that will leave you with internal injury and 80% chance of fibroid development again also reducing the capacity of your womb to withhold pregnancy.

2) continue reading and find the long lasting solution that does not require a single operation without any trace of fibroid in your life forever.

Introducing Fibroid Remedy, Doctors Formulation 100% Natural, Made In USA

How Each Of The Products
Combination Above Works

1) Forever Garlic Thyme: It has been proven by Medical Scientists that garlic contains healing properties that comes  from a compound that is present in it, known as Allicin.

Garlic is one of the best herbs for fibroid because it can actually halt the growth of fibroid tumors by preventing fibroid from having access to a robust blood supply which then helps to prevent their growth which over time can lead to their shrinkage and degeneration.

Garlic is also able to relive painful menstruation cycles. If eating raw garlic (which is the best way) it is better crushed or sliced which helps the healing compounds to be released. 

Thyme on the other hand contains compound like thymol, which is great for reduction of fibroid size.

In case you are in douobt, below is a screenshot of an article released by a Medical Journal that focuses on fibroid from the USA talking about garlic as cure to fibroid.

2) Aloe Berry Nectar: Like you have known, what causes fibroid is high estrogen (hormonal imbalance), berries helps to regulate the female hormone, the herb helps to increase progesterone and decrease estrogen, thereby reducing the size of the fibroid while shrinking it alongside.

According to Christopher Hobbs, a licensed acupuncturist, berry is an effective herb for resolving uterine fibroid. Since fibroid may occur as a result of hormone imbalance, berry can help to restore female body proper ratio of estrogen and progesterone, thereby reducing fibroid.

This herb may also help to regulate menstruation and reduce bleeding between periods as well as heavy menstrual bleeding that may be the result of uterine fibroid.

3) Bee Propolis: Bee Propolis is a natural extract from honey, and it has been known, proven to contain anti-bacteria and anti-tumor properties, and as part of this, it contains natural antibiotics and cell regeneration properties, that helps regenerate good cells in the uterus after shrinking the fibroid.

4) Absorbent C: As someone who suffers heavy menstrual bleeding from fibroid tumors, or endometriosis, Absorbent C (Vitamin C) helps your body to absorb iron, a key mineral that must be replaced in most women of childbearing age.

With the above certfication and  satisfaction, 60 days money back guarantee. (your money will be refunded after 60 days of usage it it does not work for you).

See What People Are Saying On Our Forum

Mrs. Richard

As medical doctor, we know the best way to treat get rid of fibroid is to find a way to shrink it and balance estrogen and progesterone level, so fibroid does not grow again. surgery removal is not the best practice, as it does not guarantee total treatment.

The supplements in this packages are confirmed to be good treatment for fibroid. It goes directly to balancing the hormones.

John Ibe
Medical Doctor

How is this Different and Better than
Normal Ways of Treating Fibroid?

Unlike the conventional ways of treating fibroid and its side defects is posses on you; example includes:
  1. permanent inability to give birth.
  2. 90% chance of fibroid regeneration.
  3. Internal un-healing wounds.
  4. weak uterus (womb)
  5. probability of surgery failure.
  6. destruction of vital organs amidst many otherr.
These fibroid wellness pack on the other hand goes directly to the root cause of fibroid (high estrogen level) to;
  1. balance estrogen level.
  2. eliminate the any chances of regeneration of the fibroid.
  3. strong and intact womb to hold pregnancy.
  4. elimination of need for surgery.
  5. stopping the chances of suffering un-healing wounds from cuts.
  6. free access to child bearing
  7. total stoppage to miscarriage.
  8. protection of vital body organs amidst lots.

Your next question should be where and
How to get this fibroid wellness treatment.

Honestly, you don’t have to stress and overthink yourself on how to get this treatment pack as it can be delivered to your doorstep at;
  1. Free Delivery Service (FDS).
  2. Payment On Delivery (POD).
We are aware the internet is full of dubious people, that is why we are putting the risk on ourselves to deliver to you at free delivery service and payment on delivery service to eliminate the risk of getting scammed.

How Much Does IT Cost?

Before I tell you how much it cost, I want to ask you this simple questions, and I want you to answer them sincerely.
  1. How long have you been suffering from this disease?
  2. How much have you spent to treat this disease?
  3. With all the money spent, have you found the cure you are looking for?
  4. How much do you think you will spend to manage this terrible disease if you do not attend to the root cause now?
  5. Would you rather go for surgery than the natural way? knowing well about the risks involved in surgery and the chances of developing fibroid again? think about it well.
Anyways, there are different prices,
depending on the package
you are going for.

Fibroid Natural Treatment

Please Note: For 1 Month Treatment Pack, 1 of each of the products above will be delivered

Please Note: For 2 Month Treatment Pack, 2 of each of the products above will be delivered


This offer expires in less than 24hours.

What the above prices means is that you will get it for the normal PROMO PRICE if you make an order before 24 hours. after the 24 hours period, this offer will end, and you will have to buy at the normal price depending on your treatment choice (1 month treatment or 2 months treatment).


1)  Are these Supplements Naturally or Synthetically Drugs?  Answer: They are naturally made.

2) Do they have any side effects? 
Answer: No they do not, because they are manufactured from natural exotic ingredients.

3) How would payment be done?
Answer: You will only pay after you receive your package in your hands. you either pay via cash or bank transfer.

4) How long does it take to get it delivered?
Answer: your package will be delivered between 24hours to 72hours after booking.

5) What if it does not work for me? 
Answer: there is provision for full refund if it does not work for you. even though we ascertain you changes at the exhaustion of the first treatment pack, but if it does not work as promised, there is provision for full refund.

6) Who do I speak to in case of further explanations and inquiries? 
Answer: Call the number at the bottom of this page

7) How do I order for my own pack?
Answer: Fill the form below with your details

Kindly fill the form below correctly.

One of our agent will get in touch with you to confirm your order immediately you fill the order form below.

  Select Desire Usage Pack

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Again, below are what you will get when you order your pack

For 1 Month Treatment Pack.
1 of each of the products above will be delivered

While For 2 Months Treatment Pack
2 of each of the propducts above will be delivered

All these are what will be sent to you together with the special dosage plan to help you get result faster.

May be you are the skeptical type like me that would ask, would this work for me? Of a truth, it is normal to be skeptical and ask questions like that, aside the guarantee that it would work, there is provision for full refund if it does not work for you after 60 days of usage.

Earlier on, you read that; this is not for everybody and limited time offer; what these means is that we have limited products available per month,  this means that the first few people that makes order would get:
  1. Discounted Price
  2. Free Delivery
  3. Free access to our standby medical consultant to make a followup on the improvement of your treatment

This offer expires in less than 24hours.

Take the bold step now, fill the order form above, we will be at the receiving end to help you overcome this deadly killer before it destroy your marriage and what is left of your motherhood.

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